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Help and support

We offer a professional support service throught mail tickets, to help, debug and guide you to use Sysmo

On site deployment

If you want to have a professional, quick and scallable deployment. We actualy only provide “On Site Deployment” in Europe. If you are not european and require this offer, ask us and we will recomand you some competent partners near you.

Sysmo On Site Deployment Informations

Custom development

If Sysmo does 90% of what you want, chances are that we can develop some modules to suit your needs.

You can also propose a feature request on our issue tracker. Customer request are threated in priority.

Sysmo Feature request

NChecks Custom Development

380 €/Person effort per day

Do you miss a specific module to check your SI health? Hire us to have a quick responce to your need. Wile NChecks development is prety easy and well explained in the Wiki, it can be time consuming specialy if your require some advanced functionnalities such as SNMP, or optimized for performances. Hiring highly competent developers will ensure you a professional module, without surprise on the overall development cost.

NChecks Custom Development

NChecks Courses

1 850 €/Session

Follow our one day course and learn everything about NChecks and his possibilities. Courses are organized by you, with as many participant as you want. The base price include travel for our consultant in European countries. For non European, request a quote.

NChecks Courses Informations

NChecks Integragion & Consultancy

450 €/Person effort per day

NChecks is released under the Apache2 license, permiting you to integrate it in your own product without restrictions. Written in Java, it actualy provide load balancing throught the Erlang Jinterface library. Owever we can develop additionals access methods allowing NChecks to fit your particular application design or programming langage.

By hiring us for this task, you can have an professinal consultant giving instantaneous return on feasability and a rapid, stable and documented code giving you a scallable and efficient access to the NChecks library on your product.

NChecks Consultancy Informations