Sysmo NMS Open Source Project

Sysmo is an open source server and client technology for IT infrastructure management and monitoring. The project goal is to make the easiest and most ergonomic tool for IT teams, offering performances graphs and IT status overview in no time.

Available for Linux and Windows.

Minimize IT failures cost

Business must run. Nobody wants their customers to get an Error 404” from the web server or all employees to get stuck in their work because the router is overloaded”.

With Sysmo you can proactively detect problems and quickly identify the current ones, increasing your overall IT services reactivity and fiability. You will then enhance employees productivity and customers satisfaction.

Free your IT team

As important as management or monitoring tools are, they must help the IT team to concentrate on business valuable services. Not the opposite.

Our main top notch Sysmo-Operator user interface offer to your IT team the most efficient and ergonomic tool on the market for monitoring and managing their elements. They can then concentrate on business centred services rather than reading heavy documentations, or doing pointless administration tasks.

Manage your IT infrastructure

To accompany business growth, the IT team needs a professional tool to handle increasing numbers of network elements and servers.

Sysmo introduces some original concepts that will improve overall IT consistency by allowing IT team to inventory and access any kind of network or server elements from an unified interface. A well inventoried IT will boost failure resolution as well as facilitating skill sharing and transfer.